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Travis Scott Stars in Harmony Korine Film



Rapper Travis Scott stars in the first trailer for his and director Harmony Korine‘s indie film “Aggro Dr1ft,” which was shot entirely in infrared.

The short trailer is bathed in the starkly contrasted colors of the infrared lens, and it follows an assassin on his journey. “Breaking away from the traditional parameters of cinema, ‘Aggro Dr1ft’ explores the onslaught of digital ephemera and interrogates modern life through the vernacular of video games. Shot entirely through an infrared lens, the film follows a Miami Beach hitman as he embarks on the relentless pursuit of his next target,” reads the logline.

“As it is, ‘Aggro Dr1ft’ is visually thrilling but somewhat tedious to sit through — better as wallpaper than the main attraction,” wrote Variety chief film critic Peter Debruge in his review. “Still, as with James Cameron’s ‘Avatar,’ there’s wisdom in the generic quality of his script. Cameron was dinged for comic book dialogue and story, but I’ve always argued that was a smart approach for a film in which every other aspect — three-dimensional, 10-foot, blue-skinned alien creatures in an all-virtual world — was potentially mind-blowing. Korine’s gone and embraced a similar strategy, keeping the material familiar while he revolutionizes everything else about the process. Think of this as the beta test for what’s to come.

The untraditional film will have a similarly untraditional rollout. It’s screening at an LA strip club next month, with tickets now on sale.

Korine is known for helming 2012’s “Spring Breakers,” which starred James Franco, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine. His additional credits include “Gummo,” “Kids” and “Trash Hunters.” Scott’s other film credits include a voice role in “Trolls: Holiday in Harmony,” “Gully” and the documentary “Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly.” Spanish actor Jordi Mollà also stars in “Aggro Dr1ft” alongside Scott. Mollà’s credits include Martin Lawrence and Will Smith’s “Bad Boys II,” “Criminal” and “Riddick.” 

“Aggro Dr1ft” serves as the second collaboration between Scott and Korine. The two recently worked together on “Circus Maximus,” a film accompaniment that paired with Scott’s album “Utopia.” “Circus Maximus” released in select theaters on July 27, while “Utopia” followed one day later.


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