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Thriller ‘Maybe It’s True What They Say About Us’ Boarded by b-mount 



Yasuo Nakajima and Mariona Carrera’s Barcelona and Tokyo-based b-mount have boarded “Maybe It’s True What They Say About Us,’ (“Quizás Es Cierto Lo Que Dicen De Nosotras”) from Chilean filmmaking duo Camilo Becerra (“El último sacramento”) and Sofía Paloma Gómez (“Quiero morirme dentro de un tiburón”), seen at San Sebastian’s San Sebastián WIP Latam competition.

b-mount join a co-production between Carlos Núñez and Gabriela Sandoval at Chile’s Storyboard Media (“The Sky Is Red”), Cecilia Salim at Argentina’s Murillo Cine (“Chaco”) and Lucía van Gelderen at Argentina’s Morocha Films (“El Cinco”) alongside Becerra’s production venture La Jauría Comunicaciones.

Emilio Mayorga serves as executive producer. International sales for the film are handled by Lucia and Julia Meik’s Meikincine (“Los Fuertes”).

“This project is extraordinary for us since it’s our first involvement in fiction production; formerly, we’ve provided shooting services to international productions,” Nakajima told Variety.

“Why did we make this initial step? Easy: the absolute trust that Gabriela Sandoval and the rest of the production team inspired in us as well as this emotive and disturbing story of how evil can unexpectedly seep into our homes,” Nakajima told Variety.

“We are very excited to be finalizing this magnificent co-production with b-mount for ‘Maybe It’s True What They Say About Us,’ and at the same time, reaping what we sowed in the WIP at San Sebastián 2023, where we first met post-screening of the First Cut, sealing our co-production months later,” said Carlos Núñez and Gabriela Sandoval from Storyboard Media.

“This collaboration not only allows us to complete the film but also to enhance and amplify the film’s reach through b-mount’s experience in the European and Asian territories, alongside our sales agent, Meikincine,” they added.  

The thriller explores generational trauma, accountability and the fragile side of relationships when psychiatrist Ximena (Aline Kuppenheim) is reunited with her estranged daughter Tamara (Camila Roeschmann), who recently escaped a cult embattled with accusations of human sacrifice.

Busy raising a teenager (Julia Lübbert), the sudden appearance shakes family foundations to the core as the three struggle to reconnect in the wake of parallel tragedies, loosely inspired by the shocking crimes committed by Chile’s Colliguay Sect.

“This sinister space is one of the things we’re interested in representing in the film,” Becerra and Paloma Gómez said in a statement. 

They added: “To show how something so irrational and incomprehensible can knock on the door of any family. Understanding how such an extreme situation is reached is almost impossible. All certainties prove futile when we face the monster that suddenly lives in our own house.”


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