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The Masked Singer Season 10, Episode 8 Recap: Cuddle Monster, Revealed



SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead if you have not watched Season 10, Episode 8 of “The Masked Singer,” “Trolls Night,” which aired Nov. 15 on Fox.

Metta World Peace knows he’s not a great singer, but “The Masked Singer” is the one place where you can get away with it. Well, one of two places.

“The only place you’re really allowed to sing if you’re not a singer, is the shower and ‘The Masked Singer,’” the former NBA star told Variety. “I had the perfect excuse. So, I really don’t want to hear anything from anybody saying ‘Metta can’t sing, was he trying to come out with an album?’ Nope, I was on ‘The Masked Singer.’ And I get a pass.”

Metta World Peace was revealed on Wednesday as the latest celebrity to participate in Season 10 of “The Masked Singer.” He appeared on the show as the Cuddle Monster, performing “You Got It (The Right Stuff),” by New Kids on the Block.

“I had a fun time singing that song,” he said. “And I also had a fun time learning how to sing and how to bring out the best for my horrible vocals.”

The costume was a bit unwieldy, however. “I’m a big guy, but I’m not as strong as I used to be,” he said. “So, I did sweat a lot. I did have to get a massage after because the costume was very heavy. I should have stretched out, I should have done yoga. If I would do anything differently, I would have done yoga before I got into that suit.”

The show’s panelists were all in the basketball headspace, but none of them guessed the right player under the costume. Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg thought it was Tristan Thompson. Ken Jeong picked Draymond Green. Robin Thicke named Dennis Rodman. Nicole Scherzinger went with Shaquille O’Neal.

“Shaq is way bigger, taller,” World Peace said. “I’m like, ‘damn, I look like Shaq?’ But when they said Dennis Rodman, I was like, it’s over. They got me for sure. And then they couldn’t guess me, because I haven’t been active like that. I’ve been very quiet and doing my own thing lately.”

The two singers with the least number of votes, facing off in a smackdown to determine who would be unmasked, were Cuddle Monster and Anteater (in the bottom two for the second week in a row). The two contestants sang their own take on “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” by Justin Timberlake. Anteater moved on to the Group C finale, while Cuddle Monster was unmasked.

It was “Trolls” night on “The Masked Singer,” a tie-in to the new Universal Pictures release “Trolls Band Together.” As part of that integration, contestants on this week’s show sang songs from various boy bands.

Metta World Peace as Cuddle Monster joins Luann de Lesseps as Hibiscus, Tyler Posey as Hawk, Billie Jean King as Royal Hen, Michael Rapaport as Pickle, Tom Sandoval as Diver, Anthony Anderson as Rubber Ducky and one-time special guest Demi Lovato as Anonymouse as the Season 10 unmasked celebrities so far.

This was week two of Group C. (The Group A Finals will include S’more, Cow and Gazelle, while the Group B Finals will feature Tiki, Husky and Sea Queen. Group C Finals will be between Anteater, Candelabra and Donut.)

“The Masked Singer” features a new format this season, with three groups followed by Battle Royale semi-final episodes. The season also includes the return of Wild Card contestants, with one Wild Card introduced to each group, and the “Ding Dong Keep It On Bell” is back in the Battle Royale semi-final episodes, where the judges can choose to save one contestant from elimination and move them directly to the finale.

With sixteen total celebrity singers, Season 10 features new costumes including “Donut,” “Anteater,” “Hawk,” “Hibiscus,” “Diver,” “Gazelle,” “Royal Hen,” “Husky,” “Tiki,” “Pickle,” “Rubber Ducky,” “Candelabra,” “Cow,” “Sea Queen,” “Anonymouse” and a life-size “S’More.” Also returning to mark the show’s 10th are celebrities who have been previously unmasked since the show began. According to the show, Season 10 contestants “boast a combined 40 medals, 33 Grammy nominations, seven hall of fame awards, three lifetime achievement awards and over 50 tattoos.”

The season’s themed episodes will include a tribute to Elton John; a “Trolls Night” tied to the November release of DreamWorks Animation’s “Trolls Band Together“; a “Harry Potter Night” airing the week of Halloween; “NFL Night”; “One Hit Wonders”; “Disco”; “2000s Night”; “I Wanna Rock”; and “Soundtrack of My Life.” Back for Season 10 are host Nick Cannon, alongside panelists Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke.

Here were the other performances on this week’s episode:

Anteater, “The Masked Singer” (Michael Becker / Fox)


Song: “I Want It That Way,” by Backstreet Boys

Panel guesses: Bob Seger, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Paul Simon, John Cougar Mellencamp

Clue: “Hall of fame.” “I think the Trolls might know something about the hall of fame.”

Package voiceover: “Last week was a blast, even though I had to fight my way out of the smackdown. But of course I made it, because one thing people should know about me is I love to win. That’s why I’m so competitive at everything I do. Whether it’s music or sports. It’s pushed me to become a star in my game. I wrestled in high school and was so good I could have gone to college for it. But I needed more. So I drove race cars, earned a competition license and like a boss, I raced all over America and the U.K. Behind the wheel feels like home sweet home. You can talk to talk, but in these challenges you’ve either got it or you don’t. That’s why I’m here to prove that I got what it takes to win it all. Who doesn’t love a little competition?”

Previous song: “Walking in Memphis,: by Mark Cohn

Previous panel guesses: Rick Springfield, John Mellencamp, Bryan Adams

Candelabra, “The Masked Singer” (Michael Becker / Fox)


Song: “All My Life,” by K-CI & Jojo

Panel guesses: Tamar Braxton, Monica, Fantasia, Keyshia Cole, Ashanti, Kelly Rowland

Clue: “Real tea.” “I want you to know that on and off the camera, I’m keeping 100% real.”

Package voiceover: “Making my debut on the ‘Masked Singer’ stage last week was so much fun. Hearing the praise from the panel really set my competitive side aflame. I think I get my fighting spirit from my childhood. Growing up, I had to be tough. My mom was in and out of my life, and I was on my own a lot until some family friends took me in. But I’ve learned from a young age that the only person I could really depend on was myself. I’ve worked hard for everything I’ve got, and I always strive for more. Because I’m never fully satisfied. So tonight, I’m not resting on the prasie from last week. I’m going to go out on that stage and fight like I always have.”

Previous song: “1 Thing,” by Amerie

Previous panel guesses: Regina Hall, Brandy, Anika Noni Rose

Donut, “The Masked Singer” (Michael Becker / Fox)


Song: “I Do (Cherish You),” by 98 Degrees

Panel guesses: Stanley Tucci, Liam Neeson, Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck

Clue: Hair and seasoning. “I’m well-seasoned, and I have been enjoyed by several generations.”

Package voiceover: “Last time, I told you there’s nothing more healing than a stage and a song. And boy, was I right. I’ve been really fortunate in my life. I’ve gotten to live out a billion dreams. From movies to music to marrying my soulmate, life has been pretty sweet. For decades, I’ve been entertaining you. But recently I’ve been keeping more to myself. Because the love of my life is no longer here. And it has left a huge hole in my heart. We did everything together. We had the same dream of owning a studio, and actually did. I still can’t believe she’s gone. And most days, I just feel lost. But I try to honor her memory every day by doing something brave. It’s the whole reason I’m here. And it makes me smile knowing how much she would love it. And by the way, that’s what I call her, my smile.”

Previous song: “Hooked on a Feeling,” by Blue Suede

Previous panel guesses: Sylvester Stallone, Jeff Bridges, Tom Jones

Cuddle Monster, “The Masked Singer” (Michael Becker / Fox)

Cuddle Monster (WILD CARD)

Song: “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” by New Kids on the Block

Panel guesses: Dennis Rodman,Draymond Green, Shaquille O’Neal

Clue: “Champ.” “This clue should shed light on who I am.”

Package voiceover: “Me? A wild card? It’s gotta be destiny, because I was definitely a wild child. I grew up in a beautiful but sometimes violent place. But lucky for me, I got out because of my passion. A generational talent. I had sponsorship deals, sneakers, even a record or two. Despite all that fame and recognition, my trauma was keeping up with me and I couldn’t quiet the monster inside. I was self destructive during the peak of my career. I couldn’t figure out why I was always unhappy and defensive. So I took a giant step and asked for help. I learned the tools to tame the rage through meditation and positive energy. Never let your circumstances determine your fate. Soemtimes, all you need is a change in perspective and persona to let your inner cuddle monster sing.”

“The Masked Singer” is produced by Fox Alternative Entertainment, with James Breen (who is also showrunner), Craig Plestis and Cannon as executive producers.


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