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‘The Chronicles of Libidoists’ Set at Distribution Workshop



Culturally pluralistic and gender-diverse Taiwan is the backdrop for “The Chronicles of Libidoists,” a new film by Gilles Yang, a director whose three previous films have also explored the erotic.

The story is inspired by “The Little Mermaid,” the traditional fairy tale in which a mermaid princess falls in love with a human prince. But in Yang’s hands there is a twist in that the mermaid turns out to be a boy. His narrative follows four urban souls, each struggling to deal with their unfathomable solitude through online pickups.

The film is now in post-production and is set to be delivered in the second half of the year. Distribution Workshop will kick off sales at the European Film Market.

One element of a conventional sales pitch, however, will not be part of the Berlin patter. “The cast has been kept confidential — even in Taiwan — given the nature of the film,” Distribution Workshop co-founder Jeffrey Chan told Variety.

Yang (real name Yang Ye-chang) has previously directed 2008 comedy fantasy “Orz Boyz,” 2012 romance “Girlfriend, Boyfriend” and the 2017 mystery thriller “The Bold, the Corrupt and the Beautiful” (aka “Blood Bodhisattva”). Each has earned multiple awards including best picture, best direction and screenplay at Asia-focused festivals and awards events.

“Libidoists” is the first project produced and funded by 16cc Company Ltd., a new production joint-venture between Chan (“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” “Ad Astra,” “Midway”) and Atom Cinema, which was co-founded by acclaimed Taiwanese producer Liu Wei-jan (“Coo-coo 043,” ”The Bold, the Corrupt and the Beautiful”) and renowned film veteran Chen Kuo-fu (“The Yinyang Master,” the “Detective D” trilogy, “Double Vision,” “The Personals”).

Distribution Workshop is also handling rights sales at the EFM on “The Legend,” an action-adventure title reuniting the previously successful pairing of Jackie Chan and director Stanley Tong that is now in post-production; 2023 mainland Chinese action drama “Seven Killings,” directed by Gao Qunshu (“Old Fish”) and starring Zhang Yi; and Wong Po-ching’s crime drama “The Pig, the Snake and the Pigeon,” which last year won the best action choreography prize at the Golden Horse Film Awards.


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