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SF Studios, REinvent Unveil Trailer for Lukas Moodysson’s Film ‘Together 99’



SF Studios and REinvent have dropped the first trailer for Lukas Moodysson’s comedy “Together 99,” the Swedish director’s sequel to his 2000 hit movie “Together.”

SF Studios will release the film in Sweden on Oct. 13, while REinvent will represent it in international markets.

“Together 99” follows a group of very different people who lived in a Swedish community called Together in 1975. The story picks up 24 years later, in 1999, with Göran and Klasse who are the last two members of the community. Feeling a bit lonely, they start thinking of a reunion with old friends and Klasse sets off to surprise Göran on his birthday.

“Together 99” is produced by Lars Jönsson and Anna Carlsten at Memfis Film, in co-production with Film i Väst, SF Studios and Zentropa Entertainments, with support from the Swedish Film Institute, Det Danske FilminsHtut and Nordisk Film & TV Fond.

A critical and commercial hit, “Together” played at Venice and was nominated at the European Film Awards in 2000.

“This is a film about the passing of time and life. My hope is that it will speak straight to the heart of those who reflect on what they’ve made of their lives, whether good or bad, and how to move forward from there,” said Moodysson, whose recent credits include the HBO Nordic show “Gösta”

“I think it’s a comedy and a tragedy… but with a happy ending, in the sense that doors have been opened and that there are possibilities and opportunities,” the helmer continued.

Rikke Ennis, a Scandinavian industry veteran who previously headed TrustNordisk and founded REinvent, said Moodysson “has succeeded in making a hilarious and warm-hearted follow up to the worldwide success ‘Together.’” Ennis said “Lukas’s film is more relevant than ever.”

Here’s the official trailer for the film:

Besides “Together,” Moodysson’s well-known films include “Show Me Love” and “Lilya 4-ever,” “Mammoth” and “We Are the Best!”

Yaba Holst, head of Nordic acquisition at SF Studios, described the film as “heartwarming, fun and excellently executed film.” “The reunion of Lukas Moodysson’s loveable charaters gives the audience once again a great cinema experience,” Holst continued.

The film stars Gustaf Hammarsten and Shanty Roney, along with Anja Lundqvist, Olle Sarri, Jessica Liedberg, Lisa Lindgren, Cecilia Frode, Lars Frode, Henrik Lundström and Sten Ljunggren who all starred in the 2000 film. New cast members include David Dencik, Jonas Karlsson, Clara Chris, Hansson Drake and Julia Heveus.


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