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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to Return in November



“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Garcelle Beauvais has said the new season of the Bravo reality series will drop in November — and will be a kinder edition of the franchise.

“I’m hearing November is our release date. It’s back to fun and glamour and friendships,” said Beauvais of Season 13. “It’s not as toxic as it was. I think the last season was pretty hardcore on everybody.”

Season 12 has been described by Variety’s resident “Real Housewives” correspondent Kate Aurthur as “grisly,” and ultimately led to the departure of long-time provocateur Lisa Rinna this past January. Rinna constantly stirred the pot on the show, and feuded heavily with Kathy Hilton. She also got into her share of spats with Beauvais, who had been friendly with Rinna, a fellow actor, prior to starring together on “Real Housewives.”

Beauvais, who was speaking at an A+E Networks-presented breakfast event at the Banff World Media Festival in Alberta, Canada, was quick to point out on stage that Rinna was no longer on the show. Denise Richards will also return in a guest role, as revealed by Variety.

Speaking to eTalk presenter Traci Melchor, the “Jamie Foxx Show” and “Black Girl Missing” star said that “Real Housewives” “changed my career” but that the “hardest part” was the constant trolling by viewers.

“Especially last season, my kids were attacked on social media because of the show, and that’s always hard … When it affects my kids, that’s a problem,” said Beauvais.

Asked what she found most surprising about “Real Housewives,” on which Beauvais has been a regular since Season 10 in 2020, the actor replied: “It’s a hard job.”

“If you’re not confrontational and you’re not everywhere, that’s tough,” she explained. “Because that’s part of the show — finding drama within the women. And it’s not that hard with some of them. But the everyday can be tough.”

Beauvais said she’s no longer “as scared as I was” about appearing on the series. “My main thing for me with this show was, I was the first Black woman in that franchise. And I was truly being me. Not letting people label me; not showing up like how people want you to show up, but to show up as me. And I think I’ve been able to do that.”


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