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Part Two’ Partners With Xbox For Immersive Game Content



Get ready to enter the world of Arrakis with Xbox. The gaming giant has partnered with Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment to bring players a suite of immersive content tied to the Mar. 1 release of “Dune: Part Two.”

First among the new offerings is the world’s first floating Xbox controller, hovering above oceans of sand dunes in an impressive new display. Alongside the controller is a specially designed Xbox Series S and console holder inspired by the world of “Dune.”

The beloved aviation game “Microsoft Flight Simulator” is also headed for space, taking gamers beyond Earth for the first time as they can traverse the rough air of Arrakis. Beginning today, players can climb into the virtual cockpit of the Royal Atreides Ornithopter in the latest expansion.

For the uninitiated, an Ornithopter is a nimble helicopter-like machine propelled by four precisely tuned oscillating wings. The Royal Atreides model is a special ultra-performance variant of the craft, renowned for its lightning acceleration, blazing speeds and precision maneuverability when under the control of pilots skilled in its operation – and who have the fortitude to survive the harsh environment of the planet.

The free expansion includes three tutorials: take-off, landing and freefall. Once gamers have grasped the basics, they can move on to attempt the package’s six activities: five-time trials and a daring rescue mission where aviators must save their flight instructor before a massive sandstorm engulfs him.

If the virtual chopper isn’t immersive enough, Xbox is bringing two life-size Ornithopter gaming simulators to the London Microsoft Experience Center starting Feb. 16 and the New York Microsoft Experience Center starting Feb. 26.  


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