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‘Mean Girls’ Movie Musical Cast Guide: Meet the New Plastics



Remaking one of the most definitive films of a generation is not easy, but such is the task given to the cast of the new “Mean Girls.” A new spin on Tina Fey’s 2004 classic that throws in a handful of songs from the movie’s 2018 Broadway musical adaptation, this new iteration of “Mean Girls” aims to be a breakthrough moment for its talented cast of up-and-coming stars, just as the original was for the likes of Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Lizzy Caplan and more.

While the new “Mean Girls” has earned mixed reviews from film critics, many agree the cast is far and away its strongest element. Variety film critic Owen Gleiberman singled out Reneé Rapp’s turn as Regina George, calling it “a star-in-the-making performance” and adding: “I’ll just say that after you’ve seen the pop singer Rapp make her grand entrance in a black vinyl bodysuit, singing ‘My name is Regina George, and I am a massive deal…’ as if she were Anita Ekberg crossed with Mata Hari, the scene carries a jolt, and you may wonder for a moment how Rachel McAdams, in the original film, made the impact she did without that song.”

From Rapp to a surprise cameo from an original star to “Moana” herself, below is your complete guide to the new “Mean Girls.”


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