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Martin Scorsese Gets Honorary Golden Bear at Berlin, Teases Return



Martin Scorsese was lauded with Berlin Film Festival‘s Honorary Golden Bear on Tuesday night, celebrating a lifetime of achievement in cinema. As he accepted the award, Scorsese reflected on his career thus far and even teased a return to the festival “in a couple of years.”

On the history of the Berlin Film Festival, Scorsese recalled the 1968 festival when Brian De Palma won the Silver Bear for “Greetings.”

“It was a very important event and it was a real turning point for all of us — for Brian of course, and by extension all of us who were working low-budget in America at the time, particularly not in Hollywood. Low-budget, independent pictures were quite rare in America at the time, and it helped open the way for filmmakers like Jim McBride and Phil Kaufman, for myself,” he said. “It gave a stature in a sense that the studios started to take us seriously and began to make films at the studios. It paved the way for me meeting up with Bob De Niro and casting him in ‘Mean Streets.’ And 10 years later, I would come to Berlin for the first time with ‘Raging Bull,’ opening night 1980 and then back again with the Rolling Stones for ‘Shine a Light,’ and then again with ‘The 50 Year Argument.’”

Speaking of his community of fellow filmmakers, Scorsese said that “the work that we do individually is part of an ongoing, ultimately endless conversation” before teasing that he may make his return to the Berlinale sooner than later.

“I really feel that I’ve been blessed to have taken part in that conversation for most of my life now,” he said. “And as for looking back on my work, I can’t … partly because I really do seem to keep wanting to make pictures. So maybe I’ll see you in a couple years, I hope with another one.”


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