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Mark Ronson, Dave Grohl, Slash Plug Foreigner’s Rock Hall of Fame Bid



Oscar-nominated producer/songwriter Mark Ronson has put together an FYC video — not campaigning for his own Academy Award nomination for the music of “Barbie,” but for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame bid for Foreigner, the founding lineup of which happens to have his stepfather, Mick Jones, as a cornerstone.

The video, posted on Ronson’s Instagram account, features Dave Grohl, Jack Black, Slash, the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith and Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme (along with Ronson himself) asserting Foreigner’s suitability for Rock Hall induction.

“Yes, Mick is my stepdad and I love him more than anything,” Ronson posted, acknowledging his vested interest. “But I’m also a MEGA fan just like Dave, Jack, Slash, Chad and Josh… Enjoy this video and VOTE BABY VOTE!” (Jones is seen above, left, performing alongside original singer Lou Gramm.)

Among the testimonials, Homme says, “You want to know what love is? Love is putting Foreigner in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.” Smith complains, “I can’t believe they’re not in already — oh my God,” echoing the sentiment of a crawl that asks “WTF?” in response to the 1970s-based group not having been previously nominated.

“I’ve loved Foreigner since i got their debut record,” Grohl says. “There’s one drum riff that I have used in more than a few songs,” he adds, giving a demonstration of a straight backbeat that leads into a transitional fill.

Black goes the most all-out in his Foreigner advocacy, singing parts of “I Want to Know What Love Is” in closeup (“Like you opened up the door”), before pleasing, “Hey, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, open the door! Foreigner’s waiting outside. Let ’em in.”

Ronson posted a brief history of Foreigner’s influence as part of his IG message, writing, “Everything that made me want to be a record producer came from being in the studio watching Foreigner make records. I’m still completely in awe of the sound of those first five albums. Guitars with swagger and bite. Heavy drums that groove like a mutha with the bass. Wide layers of synths. And then there’s that voice. And those songs. It’s really crazy. It’s also kind of crazy that this is the first time they’ve ever been on the ballot for the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame – after 20 years of eligibility.”

No doubt appealing to the “influence” clause for induction eligibility, Ronson further wrote, “Fun Facts: Foreigner are the most played band on classic rock radio to not be in the hall of fame. They’ve been sung by our fave characters from the Simpsons, The Office, I, Tonya, Stranger Things and Wet Hot American Summer. They’ve been covered by Diana Ross and Mariah Carey (what the rock band can boast that??). They were sampled and turned into HOT FIRE by M.O.P. (remember that Cold As Ice joint?) and Tone-Loc who used them to concoct some Funky Cold Medina.”

Foreigner is one of 15 nominees announced last week, for what are likely to be seven or eight slots available for Hall induction. The group shares first-time ballot status with Mariah Carey, Cher, Peter Frampton, Ozzy Osbourne, Sinead O’Connor, Oasis, Sade and Kool & the Gang. Previous nominees that have been put up for consideration again are Mary J. Blige, Dave Matthews Band, Eric B. & Rakim, Jane’s Addiction and A Tribe Called Quest.

Foreigner began what was billed as a farewell tour in July 2023, continuing into this year. Jones is the sole remaining original member of the group still counted as part of the lineup, although health issues have kept him from participating as a tour regular. Fans are curious to know if a Rock Hall induction could bring the surviving founders back for an evening, including former members Lou Gramm (the original lead singer), Dennis Elliott (drums) and Al Greenwood (keyboards). Ian McDonald (a multi-instrumentalist) and Ed Gagliardi (bass) died in 2022 and 2014, respectively.


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