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Los Javis To Produce ‘Netflix Original ‘Superestar’ 



Fresh off the selection of “La Mesías” as the only European series at this year’s Sundance, “Veneno” creators Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo – Los Javis – are set to produce Netflix original series “Superestar,” created by Spain’s Nacho Vigalondo, writer-director of 2016’s Anna Hathaway starrer “Colossal,” Neon’s first pick up for the U.S. 

The six-episode series is directed by Vigalondo and Claudia Costafreda, co-creator of “Cardo,” an uninhibited portrait of Spain’s young generation eager for a quick fix of sex or drugs for want of a larger sense of direction in life which was chosen by Variety, as “Veneno” as one of the best international TV shows of the year. 

Set up at Los Javis’ Suma Content, their indie Madrid-based label,  “Superstar” is written by Vigalondo, María Bastarós, Paco Bezerra y Claudia Costafreda. 

Oscar-nominated for “7:35 in the Morning,” Vigalondo is best known for sci-fi comedies and thrillers such as, respectively,  2019 Netflix superhero series “The Neighbor” and his feature debut, 2007’s “Timecrimes.” “Superestar,” more in the one of “Veneno,” plumbs the unlikely but explosive breakout to social and sometimes gay icon status of Tamara, a disco pop singer  adopted by late night chat show “Crónicas Marcianas.”   

“The reimagining of Tamarismo from the hearts of its protagonists, a Netflix description runs, “Superestar” captures “a comet crossed the sky of Spain destroying the laws of fame and success, disintegrating the frontier between the popular and underground. During a couple of years, the front covers and primetime hours were conquered by the famous who came from another dimension, creatures which until the seemed condemned to sarcasm and scorn,” Netflix announced on Thursday.

“There is nothing which we like more than pop culture and looking back to the story of our country,” said Javier Calvo. If there was a wild time when anything was possible, that was the age of tamarisk, where the most unlikely icons took up hours and hours of television.”

Ambrossi argued that the most important thing about a real event based series is its find a point of view. “‘Superstar’ catches its thanks to the brilliant and mad mind of its creator, Nacho Vigalondo. This is a homage to a time in Spain which merits revisiting.”

“In ‘Superestar’  we have wanted to understand, humanise and respect a series of people who are normally treated badly, and to  dive into fantasy, magic and madness which doesn’t look like anything seen before,” Vigalondo added.


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