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Kristen Stewart Got Beat Up by Jena Malone on Love Lies Bleeding Set



Kristen Stewart‘s domination of the 2024 Sundance Film Festival continued at the Variety Sundance Cover Party presented by United Airlines, where Stewart was honored for her starring roles in two big festival premieres: “Love Me,” a post-apocalyptic romance film in which she stars opposite Steven Yeun, and “Loves Lies Bleeding,” an A24-backed crime thriller in which she played a reclusive gym manager who falls for a local bodybuilder.

“It’s hard to get here,” Stewart told Variety at the party about returning to Sundance, where she has premiered more than a dozen movies throughout her career. “Not because it’s an established and elite film festival, but because it supports marginalized voices. Voices that aren’t heard anywhere else. It’s a solidifying, communal feeling and it only makes you stronger to go back into a world of a ‘no’ and say, ‘I know that there’s a place for me.’”

Stewart said coming to Sundance feels like traveling, “to the land of all the actors that I love and admire. This is the land of Evan Rachel Wood and Jena Malone and Natalie Portman. I was here the year ‘Garden State’ was here. I was just a kiddo and obsessed with her performance.”

In “Love Lies Bleeding,” which marks the second directorial effort of “Saint Maud” helmer Rose Glass, Stewart goes toe-to-toe with such heavyweight actors like Ed Harris and Jena Malone.

“You don’t always work with great actors but I was just stunned,” Stewart said of working on the film. “They are such good actors. It can be intimidated but you rise to the occasion. You really stand on your tippy toes in those occasions.”

“[Jenna and I] have a sisterly showdown,” Stewart continued. “She shocked the pants off me. She screamed in my face in a way that was not even remotely scripted. It took me so far back that I fell on a bed and she landed on top of me and started pummeling me. I’ve looked up to her as a sister but from a distance. You know when you see people on screen and you’re like, ‘I feel like I know you.’ We had some historical admiration.”

Stewart’s “Love Lies Bleeding” co-star Anna Baryshnikov was in attendance at the Variety Sundance Cover Party presented by United Airlines and sang Stewart’s praises.

“She’s the real adult version of cool,” Baryshnikov said. “She’s incredibly kind and hard working. She’s just so passionate and deeply knowledgable about film. A good example of what a generous scene partner she is that my first scene with her I was smoking a cigarette was shaking so much and it blew it out. The scene ended and I was so embarrassed and she said, ‘No, we want people that are going to care about the movie that much.’ She’s so talented and courageous. I play a character that was in love with her and acting was so easy.”

Stewart’s “Love Me” directors Andrew Zuchero and Sam Zuchero also stopped by the party to support their leading lady, as did “Power” actor Gianni Paolo and activist Alok.

‘Love Me’ directors Sam Zuchero and Andy Zuchero at the Variety Sundance Cover Party.
John Salangsang

Kristen Stewart at the Variety Sundance Cover Party, Presented by United held at Rich Haines Galleries in Park City, Utah.
John Salangsang for Variety

‘Suncoast’ star Ella Anderson.
John Salangsang

Alok Vaid-Menon, artist, activist and subject of Sundance short “Alok.”
Katie Jones

Anna Baryshnikov and Michael Hsu Rosen at Sundance.
Katie Jones


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