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Joy Reid Apologizes After Cursing on Hot Mic



Joy Reid had a hot mic moment during MSNBC’s “The Reid Out” on Monday night and later apologized for her remarks, which included the f-bomb.

During a segment titled “Republicans take credit for stuff they voted against,” Reid said that the party ties “themselves into pretzels to do nothing for the American people for the sake of Donald Trump.”

“Case in point: fixing what they say is a crisis at the border, with Congressional negotiators continuing work on a bipartisan deal to tie border policy changes to funding for Ukraine,” she continued. “Over the weekend, President Biden said he’s ready to take action if Congress is serious about solving the border issue.”

Reid then played a clip of President Joe Biden giving a speech during a political event in Columbia, S.C. “If that bill were the law today, I’d shut down the border right now and fix it quickly,” Biden said. “Congress needs to get it done.”

During the clip, Reid’s mic turned on and she could be heard saying “starting another fucking war.” Though the context in which Reid made the comment remains unclear, those on social media were quick to assume that she was referring to Biden.

The deal being negotiated would require the U.S. to close the border if 5,000 migrants cross it illegally on any given day, according to the Associated Press. On Truth Social, Trump encouraged Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson not to agree to the deal unless it is “perfect.” Trump is gearing up to likely rematch with Biden in the 2024 election, where immigration is sure to be a hot-button issue and integral to Trump’s campaign.

Later on in the show, Reid took a moment to apologize to her audience. “I was chatting during a clip that was playing and you know, we try to keep this show very PG-13, so I just want to apologize to anyone who was listening to my behind-the-scenes chatter,” she said. “Deeply, deeply apologize for that.”


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