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Jake Shane Announces Podcast ‘Therapuss With Jake Shane’



TikTok star Jake Shane is finally leaning into longer form content. The social media comedian — who rose to fame with his viral skits and now boasts more than 5 million followers across platforms — has announced a brand new podcast launching Jan 4.

“Therapuss with Jake Shane,” announced Monday morning, will loosely follow the format of a therapy session, with listeners calling in to share their problems with Shane and a rotating co-host. The 30-minute sessions are inspired by his viral Instagram Stories series “Tell Me What’s Wrong,” which in the new format will include a “pusscription” where callers will be “pusscribed” the perfect pop culture remedy to help them make their way through the muck — whether it’s Olivia Rodrigo’s “GUTS”, a “Clueless” rewatch or a pop culture deep dive on Elizabeth Holmes’ friendship with Jen Shah.

Aside from challenging himself with new material, Shane say he’s most excited for his followers to learn more about his life and to prove that he can create engaging, long-form content. “I’m excited to just talk more about my life and stories about my life because sometimes it’s really hard to get people’s attention on TikTok,” Shane tells Variety. “But I think the people listening will hopefully have some interest and then I can have all my friends on, cool guests, and just really have a space for me to show that I can talk and can make people laugh longer than just in a 45-second skit, I can make people laugh for a 30-minute podcast.”

The therapy-style podcast will also offer Shane an opportunity to talk more openly about his experiences with OCD and anxiety, which he only vaguely shares on TikTok. “That’s also why I came up with ‘Therapuss’ because my anxiety and OCD is such an important part of knowing me because it takes up so much of my life,” he says .”So I think this will give me the space to be able to talk about it more to people that actually want to hear it.”

Shane has yet to announce his guests and co-hosts for the first season but followers can expect a slate of bold-faced names who run in his inner circle.

“Therapuss with Jake Shane” will launch on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and wherever else you listen to podcasts, on Jan. 4.


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