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Former Spotify Exec Max Cutler Launches Pave Studios



Max Cutler sold Parcast Studios, his scripted-audio entertainment start-up, to Spotify in 2019 under a deal in which Spotify ultimately paid nearly $90 million.

Cutler went on to become Spotify’s VP, head of talk creator content and partnerships — inking exclusive licensing deals with podcasters including Alex Cooper, Emma Chamberlain and Markiplier, and managing the company’s partnership with “The Joe Rogan Experience” — before exiting last year.

Now Cutler is back in the game with the launch of Pave Studios. His new company is focused on building genre-specific brands for original content from creator partners across audio, video, books, live experiences, merchandise and more. Pave initially is launching two new studios: OpenMind, focused on wellness, and Crime House, centered on true crime. Cutler plans to introduce additional brands in the future.

“Pave Studios will set the stage for a better way of producing, distributing and consuming the world’s greatest original content, all while empowering creators, simplifying content discovery, and fostering vibrant fan communities,” Cutler said in announcing the venture.

Pave Studios’ initial roster of creator partners includes:

  • Nicole Lapin, founder of Money News Network, home of her daily show “Money Rehab With Nicole Lapin”; former anchor on CNN, CNBC and Bloomberg; and author of books including “Rich Bitch,” “Boss Bitch,” “Becoming Super Woman” and “Miss Independent.”
  • Mark Hyman, a family physician and New York Times best-selling author who hosts health podcast “The Doctor’s Farmacy”; co-founder and chief medical officer of Function Health; and medical contributor on CBS This Morning, Today, Good Morning America, The View, Fox and CNN.
  • Ally Lewber, “Vanderpump Rules” star and “spiritual astrologer dedicated to the complexities of the cosmic universe and empowering clients through natal astrology to foster self-love and acceptance.”
  • Jemma Sbeg, an Australian podcaster best known for her self-help podcast “The Psychology of Your 20s,” in which she tackles such topics as imposter syndrome, hangiexty, situationships and the myth of the dream job.
  • Aliza Kelly, celebrity astrologer, author and media host known for her regular column in New York Magazine’s The Cut and as the resident astrologer of Bumble.

“From Parcast to Spotify, Max has proven that he’s the real deal when it comes to empowering and amplifying creators,” Nicole Lapin said in a statement. “Now, with Pave, he’s doubling down with a forward-thinking and innovative business model that puts creators at the forefront, ensuring they keep more money in their pocket. Max understands that when creators succeed, everyone succeeds. This is why I’m so excited to be working with them to create new content.”

Watch Pave Studios’ sizzle reel:


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