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Dwayne Johnson Reveals New UFL League After XFL and USFL Merger



The XFL and USFL have unveiled key details of the merged football franchise that will debut next March.

The two formerly competing leagues officially confirmed their new name and logo as the United Football League on Sunday. Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia, who resurrected the XFL back in 2020, revealed the plans on Fox’s NFL pregame show.

“We wanted to join forces for a few reasons,” Johnson said on air. “I think number one to grow the game of football. It’s a game that we all love, and create opportunities for players and we all know how important that is. And also, deliver for the fans. If you think about it, this is thirty years of spring football starting and stopping, starting and stopping. So this merger between USFL and XFL, it feels like we got a shot to establish that spring football is here to stay.”

Garcia went on to confirm that the league will broadcast on FOX, ESPN, ABC and FS1 (Fox Sports 1). However, specific details about the number of teams and the representing cities are being held until a later date, according to ESPN. The new UFL season will kick off on Saturday, March 30, 2024, with a showdown between the former 2023 champions the Arlington Renegades and the Birmingham Stallions.

A news release further expanded on the next steps for the newly minted UFL. In the merger agreement, Russ Brandon, the former president and CEO of XFL, will assume the equivalent position in the UFL. Additionally, Daryl Johnston, previously an executive at USFL, will head the football operations department.

Chairman of ESPN Jimmy Pitaro praised the pairing releasing the following statement via press release. “The United Football League – a powerful combination of the XFL and USFL – will provide passionate sports fans with an entertaining, innovative, and action-packed season,” Pitaro said. “With compelling storytelling across traditional and digital platforms, fan-friendly innovations, and tremendous reach, this visionary league is well-positioned, and we look forward to our continued collaboration.”  


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