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‘Dave’ Season 4? Lil Dicky Show Paused at FX Networks



Dave” is going on hiatus, as its co-creator and star Dave Burd, aka Lil Dicky, eyes other projects.

FX Networks has not officially renewed the comedy series for Season 4. The third season aired from April-May in 2023.

“After some back and forth, there are no current plans for a fourth season of ‘Dave’ right now, as Dave Burd has decided to take an extended break to focus on music and other ventures,” FX said in a statement. “That does not rule out the possibility of doing something in the future. We love the show and sincerely appreciate the creative excellence Dave, Jeff Schaffer, the cast and crew delivered with every episode. We are excited that our partnership with Dave will continue as he develops future projects for us through his overall production deal with FXP.”

Created alongside “Curb Your Enthusiasm” EP and director Jeff Schaffer in March 2020, “Dave” stars Burd as a fictionalized version of himself as he balances his personal relationships with his hip-hop dreams, and becomes the comedy-rap icon Lil Dicky.

“Making ‘Dave’ has been and continues to be a dream come true. But there are other creative ventures that I am dying to pursue as well,” Burd said. “For the past 5 years, I’ve poured every fiber of my being into the show, and after three amazing seasons, this feels like a good time to press pause to give myself the bandwidth to do some of the other things I have always wanted to do. I am beyond excited about what I have planned for the future and am enormously appreciative of FX for their continued partnership.”

This would not be the first time an FX show has taken an extended time off before returning should “Dave” be back for a fourth season. For example, the network’s critically-acclaimed show “Atlanta” took nearly two years to return between its first and second seasons, while Season 3 did not air until four years after the second.

The FXX and Hulu series also stars Lil Dicky’s real-life hype man GaTa as himself, as well as Andrew Santino, Christine Ko, Travis “Taco” Bennett and Taylor Misiak. The show, which wrapped its third season in May, also features a rotation of A-list guest stars including Drake, Kendall Jenner, Kevin Hart, Jack Harlow, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Justin Bieber.

After its Season 1 debut in March 2020, “Dave” became FX Networks’ most-watched comedy series, with an average episodic audience of 5.32 million. Season 2 premiered in June 2021.

Season 3 of “Dave” featured a romance storyline with Rachel McAdams, playing herself in a recurring role, and a wild season finale in which Lil Dicky and Brad Pitt are held hostage by an unhinged fan. Earlier this month, Lil Dicky released “Penith,” his second studio album that also served as the “Dave” soundtrack.

“I realized this year, as I took a step back and looked at all the different music that’s made it into the first three seasons of the show, there’s enough here, a great body of work and a project that I can put out as a soundtrack,” Burd told Variety about “Penith.” “I think this is such a better representation of Lil Dicky the musical artist than, honestly, my first album even was. People are always like, ‘when can I get that song?’ I think this will be a cool thing for fans who have watched the show. And for people who have never even seen the show, I think they’ll enjoy listening to this as like a body of music.”


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