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Dag Johan Haugerud’s Nordic Drama ‘Sex’ Sells to Key Territories



M-Appeal has closed distribution deals in key territories for “Sex,” which had its world premiere in the Berlinale’s Panorama section.

The film, the first part of the “Sex Dreams Love” trilogy by Norway’s Dag Johan Haugerud, has garnered attention for its thought-provoking exploration of sexuality and gender roles.

All rights for the film have been sold to Pyramide Distribution for France, JinJin Pictures for South Korea and Cinobo for Greece.

“Sex” follows two men in heterosexual marriages, who have an unexpected experience that challenges them to reconsider their understanding of sexuality, gender and identity. One has a sexual encounter with another man, without considering it either as an expression of homosexuality or infidelity and discusses it with his wife afterwards. The other finds himself in nocturnal dreams where he is seen as a woman, stirring confusion and leading him to question how much his personality is shaped by the gaze of others.

Jan Gunnar Røise and Thorbjørn Harr star as the protagonists, a chimney sweeper and a CEO, both grappling with the impact that their recent experiences is having on their relationships.

“There are — and might always be — two sides of the same coin when it comes to sex, which also means that the uncomfortable and the funny sit quite tight,” director Dag Johan Haugerud told Variety in a previous interview.

Pyramide Distribution’s recent releases include “The Monk and the Gun,” “L’Été Dernier,” “Àma Gloria” and “Le Théorème de Marguerite. In a statement, the company described “Sex” as a “wonderful Norwegian film that questions masculinity in a witty, intelligent and funny way.”

Cinobo’s recent theatrical releases include “Fallen Leaves,” “How to Have Sex” and “Teachers’ Lounge.” Tasos Melemenidis, head of curation and acquisitions, said: “In a time when sexuality and identity are no longer confined to stereotypical definitions, films like this can be both entertaining and educational.”

JinJin Pictures’ recent titles include “The Old Oak” by Ken Loach.


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