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Ayo Edebiri Apologizes for Jennifer Lopez Podcast Jokes



While hosting “Saturday Night Live” on Feb. 3, Ayo Edebiri acknowledged jokes she made in the past about Jennifer Lopez, who served as the episode’s musical guest.

In a game show sketch where Kenan Thompson forced contestants to reckon with their rude social media presences, Edebiri nodded at the recently resurfaced comments, saying, “Okay. We get it. It’s wrong to leave mean comments, or post comments just for clout, or run your mouth on a podcast, and you don’t consider the impact because you’re 24 and stupid. But I think I speak for everyone when I say from now on, we’re going to be a lot more thoughtful about what we post online.”

Edebiri was featured in a 2020 episode of “Scam Goddess,” in which host Laci Mosley said that Lopez’s “whole career is one long scam” and that the singer is unaware of people’s critiques of her.

Edebiri replied: “Well, that’s the thing — she thinks she’s on multiple tracks, but it’s not her. I think she thinks that she’s still good, even though she’s not singing for most of these songs.”

“A lot of the write-ups of the songs will be like, ‘J.Lo didn’t have time to make it to the studio,’” she continued. “Like, ‘J.Lo was busy.’ Doing what? Not singing, obviously.”

Lopez did not appear in any sketches during the episode, but did stand alongside Edebiri in a promo released ahead of the episode. “I love your show,” Lopez gushes, and Edebiri responds, “I love your everything.”


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